Scientific Document processing at CERN

LaTeX Tools (September 2008)

Information about the latest version of LaTeX installed at CERN is here.

XML Tools

Some XML tools I am currently looking at are described here.

A (rather outdated) list of XML tools and information about XML available at CERN is here.

Information about DocBook, a markup scheme to write and maintain scientific and software documentation is here.

XML and (La)TeX working together

A strategy of XML for electronic document handling is discussed here. The bibliography in that article will guide you to further developments. An article describing an approach based on XSL and Sebastian Rahtz' PassiveTeX was presented at the TUG2000 Conference in Oxford (13-18 August 2000) and is available here. More recent developments based on a presentation on the 28th November 2001 at the TIPS Review Meeting in Luxembourg are here.

Since the beginning of 2000 CERN has been collaborating on a EU-funded project TIPS (Tools for Innovative Publishing in Science), which had its final review meeting in Malaga (Spain) on 28-29 of May 2002. In that project CERN was responsible for studying ways of how XML tools can be optimally integrated in the framework of handling electronic information efficiently, especially for scientific documents. Some conclusions are available in a final report An XML Web strategy for scientific documents (PDF, 1.85 Mbytes)). TORII, the innovative Web knowledge system for scientists developed by TIPS, is available at the Torii welcome page, and will also be installed at the CERN Library.

Tutorials, conference articles, reports

XML, a new start for the Web.
Academic Training lectures at CERN (May 2000)
Publishing on the Web, today and tomorrow.
Presentation at the JACoW99 Workshop in Brookhaven (1-4 December 1999).
XML'99 and MT'99.
Report on the XML'99 and Markup Technologies 99 Conferences (Philadelphia, 5-9 December 1999).
XML, the start of a truly international future for the Web.
Tutorial at the 1999 ICTP Workshop on Web Enabling Technologies & Authoring Tools (Trieste 18 November 1999).
XML, XSL, two of a family of extensible languages.
Tutorial presented at the UKTUG Conference (Oxford University, 12-13 September 1999).
PassiveTeX: XML and TeX, doing it together...
Presentation of PassiveTeX at the XML Developers' Conference (Montreal, 19-20 August 1999).
LaTeX installation.
Presentation at the JACoW99 Workshop in Brookhaven (1-4 December 1999).

More general XML-related information

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Peter Flynn's XML FAQ
XML tools, tutorials, free downloads, discussions forums, etc.
XML from the inside out
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XML resource guide classified by categories
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