XSLT Standard Library

Version 1.1

Steve Ball

Table of Contents

1. Using The Library
2. Obtaining The Library
3. Getting Involved
4. XML Namespaces
5. Engineering Standards
6. Related Work
7. Reference Documentation
String Processing
Date/Time Processing
URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) Processing
Generating XML Markup

The XSLT Standard Library, xsltsl, provides the XSLT developer with a set of XSLT templates for commonly used functions. These are implemented purely in XSLT, that is they do not use any extensions.

xsltsl is a SourceForge project.

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Goals of the xsltsl project include:

  • Provision of a high-quality library of XSLT templates, suitable for inclusion by vendors in XSLT processor software products.

  • Demonstration of best practice in XSLT stylesheet development and documentation.

  • Provide examples of various techniques used to develop XSLT stylesheets (ie. a working FAQ).

The EXSLT project is creating a library to standardise extension functions. The XSLT Standard Library is complementary to the EXSLT project.