LaTeX at CERN (June 2017)

Latest version of TeXLive available on an experimental basis (TeXlive 2017)

In June 2017 the TeX Collection 2017 was released by the international TeX Usergroup TUG. It comprises TeXLive, proTeXt, MacTeX, and a CTAN snapshot. Since there is no formal active LaTeX support at CERN, this version, TeX Live 2017, has been made available at CERN on an as-is basis. The files in the distribution are regularly updated on the CTAN repository sites and these changes are propagated once a month or so onto the CERN repositories.

TeXLive 2017 (1)
The TeXLive 2017 Guide
TeXLive 2017 (2)
Packages in the TeXLive 2017 distribution

Information about LaTeX

LaTeX3 official project page
The LaTeX3 project is a long-term research project to develop the next version of the LaTeX typesetting system.
Herbert Voß' Math mode
Explanation of the advantages of using (La)TeX for writing publications with a lot of mathematical material. Important facts about existing options and several additional LaTeX packages are described, especially AMS math. Very interesting reading for those who want to typeset mathematics correctly.
The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List
Document compiled by Scatt Pakin that lists over 2800 symbols and the corresponding LaTeX command to generate them.
The LaTeX Companion (Second edition, 2004)
An up-to-date description of over 200 packages using nearly 1,000 fully tested examples in over 1100 pages. It shows how LaTeX can be extended to typeset all types of publications--from memos to encyclopedias, from complex scientific papers to poetry in most of the world's languages (available from Amazon (DE)).
The LaTeX Graphics Companion (Second Edition, 2007)
Complement to the LaTeX Companion in the area of graphics. This revised reference describes techniques and tricks needed to illustrate LaTeX documents. Presenting a number of packages that extend or modify LaTeX's basic illustration features, it explains how to produce the most effective graphics and provides solutions to the most commonly encountered problems (available from Amazon (DE)).
The LaTeX Web Companion
A book by Michel Goossens and Sebastain Rahtz published in 1999. It describes the relation of LaTeX to Web languages, such as HTML and XML drawing on an example from HEP (available from Amazon (DE)).
Drawing Feynman Diagrams with LaTeX and METAFONT
Home page of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
Frequently asked questions about TEX (maintained by UKTUG)
TeX FuA (in German)
Fragen und Antworten (FAQ) über TeX und DANTE, Deutschsprachige Anwendervereinigung TeX e.V.
Infos sur TeX (in French)
Petite encyclopédie de TeX et Foire aux questions (French)
Don Knuth
Prof. D.E. Knuth's home page at Stanford
Info about TUG, the international TeX User Group
Unicode Web Page
Free Dictionaries project
Ethnologue and World Genetic Tree of Languages

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